Finding the Right Tenants

JJ Nate Real Estate & Mgmt uses unique methods to ensure we find the right fit for your investment. The thorough tenant screening and selection process includes a credit check; checks on criminal, background, sex offender registries (where allowed by law); employment verification; and residency/rental history.

Our screening process is in compliance with all applicable laws, including the Fair Housing Act and Fair Credit Reporting Act.

We focus on developing positive relationships with all tenants in order to help minimize concerning issues from emerging down the road.

Welcoming Your New Tenant

At JJ Nate Real Estate & Mgmt, we handle the lease signing and collection of rents, deposits and any fees in accordance with local legal and financial regulations.

A walk-through will be completed, prior to your new tenant moving in, to document any conditions.

Full-property leasing services from JJ Nate Real Estate & Mgmt handle every aspect of the process for you, such as regular Rent Collection and Accounting.

find the right tenants